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Horák Law Firm is situated centrally in Zurich-Seefeld and specializes in commercial and economic issues. It advises and, if necessary, enforces claims in Swiss civil courts.

Client satisfaction and the highest standard of legal services are crucial to us. Additionally, the personal interests of our clients are taken into consideration and served at their best. This is the reason why most of our clients remain in a long-term relationship with us. 


Consulting and then enforcing justified claims in Swiss courts both require a thorough analysis of the given situation. In civil proceedings it is mandatory to submit the application in a complete and comprehensive way in line with procedural rules.

To determine the most promising litigation strategy, the clients` personal and entrepreneurial objectives have to be equally evaluated. Disputes can often be solved by reaching economically sensible settlements. 


Attorney David Horák successfully enforces claims relying on his thorough knowledge of the subject and his longstanding experience as a litigation lawyer with a successful track record: He advises on claims for damages resulting from faulty investment consulting and asset management, on demands for purchase prices resulting from international goods transactions, on claims under building projects, on agency and broker services, on disputes under company law and in many other legal areas.

Maintaining his clients` economic interests and offering a personal consulting service take priority for him and his employees.



After having completed his studies at the University of Zurich in 1997, Attorney David Horák worked at the District Court in Uster including working as presiding judge of the Arbitration Board for rented and leased properties. He later worked at the Commercial Court of the Canton of Zurich and at the Superior Court of Zurich.

After being admitted to the Zurich bar as a attorney in 2000, he worked at a well-known law firm which mostly dealt in commercial issues. In 2006 he became a self-employed partner at attorneys Korach Simonius Hayer in Zurich.

In 2011 he founded his own law firm in Zurich-Seefeld specializing in litigation.

From the commencement of his law practice, David Horák has focused on representation in the civil courts where his former forensic work and his litigation experience enable him to enforce his clients` interests efficiently and purposefully, in the most complex of civil matters.

In addition to his litigation work he advises national and international companies in the field of labour and land law as well as assisting with the editing of contracts for trade and industry.

David Horák represents his clients all over Switzerland and in matters of cross border consulting he relies on a trusted network of lawyers.

He advises in German as well as in English and speaks French and Czech.


Attorney David Horák handles all commercial and economic issues in connection with his consulting and litigation services.

David Horák has wide experience in problems concerning investment consulting and asset management and repeatedly and successfully has conducted civil court proceedings on behalf of injured investors and has also defended unjustified claims against asset managers.

By way of example David Horák represented an aggrieved investor and successfully filed an action against a well-established asset manger and a Zurich based lawyer for damages resulting from faulty investment advice (Federal Supreme Court 4A_364/2013 and High Court Zurich LB110052). On the other hand he was able to successfully defend an investment company against a promising claim for damages of CHF 3 Million by skilled litigation (Federal Supreme Court 4A_210/2009).

When it comes to special issues he consults with trusted experts from the taxation and finance sector.

David Horák operates and maintains a free of charge platform Legal questions on asset management.


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